Habistat Pulse Propotional Thermostat 600w



The Habistat Pulse Thermostat is ideal for controlling higher power ceramic heaters and for heat mats.

A normal thermostat switches a heater on full power until the set temperature is achieved. It then switches the heater off completely until the temperature drops below the set value, when the cycle starts over again.

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– Suitable for ceramic heaters and heat mats – Available in Standard and High Range – Enables temperature changes – Very accurate heater control – Accurate dial calibrated in both Farenheit and Celsius – Heat and Power indicators – Ideal for controlling hots spots (High Range) – Range of 18 – 32°C (Standard), 26 – 40°C (High Range) – Thermostat User Guide available – Comes with a 5-year guarantee. If you are unsure which thermostat to buy click HERE to download the HabiStat Thermostat Guide.


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