Exo Terra Mini Fogger Ultrasonic Fog Generator


An ultrasonic fog generator that increases air humidity levels up to 100%, while giving a great visual effect. It simulates low clouds and fog in tropical terrariums and generates early morning dew in desert terrariums. It can operate in any water part (e

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The Exo Terra Fogger ultrasonic fog generator will generate a cold mist in all types of terrariums.

Create the ideal environment inside your terrarium with this mister.

Suitable for both tropical or desert terrariums to increase humidity levels, simulating an early morning dew or low-hanging clouds or fog.

Key Features
Compact and Effective Mist Generator
Simple Plug and Play Design
Increases Humidity Levels by up to 100%
Superb Visual Effect
Simulates Low Clouds and Fog in Tropical Terrariums
Simulates Early Morning Dew in Desert Terrariums
Can be Used in Water up to 5cm


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