Frozen Large Multimammates 30-40grams


Snake, Reptile or bird of prey food


Multimammate Mice are also known as the African soft furred rat, Natal rat, Natal multimammate mouse and soft furred mouse. Although they are often referred to as a rat they are closer in size to a mouse, with adults weighing around 60-75g and measuring around 15cm. Tail length is 11cm. They are sometimes referred to as the link between rat and mouse. As the soft furred rat moniker suggests they have very long silky fur. They have a range of colourations such as the natural agouti brown, cinnamon and various pied markings.

Snake, Reptile or bird of prey food


While we take great care in ensuring that our frozen pet food products are packed and shipped to arrive still frozen, we cannot guarantee that it will remain in a frozen state upon delivery.

This is due to various factors such as weather conditions, shipping time, and handling during delivery.

We recommend that you immediately refrigerate or store the pet food in a freezer upon receipt.

By purchasing this product, you acknowledge and accept the potential risk of the pet food not arriving still frozen.

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Frozen Large Multimammates

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