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Natural habitat: Rhacodactylus ciliatus, better known as crested geckos, are found on the island of New Caledonia, which is north of Australia. Previously thought to be extinct with the last description being in 1866, a single specimen was discovered by R



Collection in-store or Local Delivery – Please call 01782 777423 for more details

A morph refers to an animal’s pattern and colour and can also refer to the structure of the body. Of the Rhacodactylus family the Crested gecko is probably the best known for its colours and patterns but others of the Rhacodactylus family also have different morphs.


The crested gecko is a species which is being bred to be a designer gecko which means that people are trying to produce new colours and patterns all of the time. Most crested geckos have white or pale fringes along the backs of their legs, they also have paler tails often giving the impression of bird poo on the tail which is no doubt for camouflage in the wild; also some cresteds have pale or even white edges to their bottom jaws. Crested geckos can change colour depending on time of day, temperature and moods but they can only go lighter or darker shades of the base colours. When a gecko is at its brightest it is said to be ‘fired up’.




Buckskin – a brown gecko of various shades sometimes as light as a pale beige but can be almost black


Yellow – in various shades


Red?– in various shades


Orange?– in various shades and can include even pinkish specimens


Green – usually an olive shade but some can be brighter


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